Dress Code

Dress code – what’s hot, what’s not

Golf Course Dress Code:

  • All shirts must be an approved golf shirt. 'New style' round/crew neck golf shirts are acceptable.
  • Collarless and/or sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are not considered acceptable.
  • All golf shirts must be worn inside waistband at all times. Ladies however may wear tops outside their trousers or skirts when they are designed to do so.
  • No jeans, denims or track-suit bottoms.
  • Recognised golf shoes must be worn.
  • Shorts must be tailored, no combat shorts allowed, and mustn't be below or above the knee
  • Short sports socks are permitted but they must be WHITE in colour
  • Peaked hats or caps must not be worn other than with the peak to the front, and must be removed before entering the clubhouse.

Clubhouse Dress Code:

  • Smart casual wear before and after play.
  • Smart jeans may be worn in the clubhouse
  • NO shell suits or track-suits
  • Golf shoes are not allowed in our bars and lounges
  • Tailored shorts are allowed in the clubhouse

Mobile Phone Policy:

Use of mobile phones on the golf course is discouraged. They may however be taken onto the course and used in emergency only and must remain on silent/vibrate. Golfers may be asked to leave the course if observed using a mobile phone without these conditions.

Mobile phones should be turned to silent/vibrate within the confines of the clubhouse.